Kas 2019
Security And Privacy In The Internet Of Things: Sector Perspective

Oguzhan Yavuz, Ph.D.
IoT Security Architect
The IoT R&D Group, Vestel Electronics

Friday, Nov. 15th, 2019
10:00– 11.00 @ BEB İTÜ&Vodafone Futurelab


Internet of Things (IoT) have become an integral part of our daily life since the number of connected devices is quickly growing and more devices are used for some services such as smart home, smart city, e-health. Many IoT services use or generate data that are highly sensitive (credit card number, location) and should be accessible only to authorized systems. Since from that, IoT solutions bring new challenge such as security. Also we should highlight that IoT security issues have different perspective compared with IT security.  IoT security concepts cover physical device security, update mechanism, privacy, authentication/authorization and network security, encompassing the processes, technologies, and measures necessary to protect IoT devices as well as the networks they’re connected to. In this session, we discuss that we develop the IoT solutions, security issues that we faced and our security solution for addressing of them on Vestel IoT solutions. Also, we will talk about regulations such as GDPR, KVKK and cyber-sec act, and their affects.


Oguzhan Yavuz received the Bachelor’s degree (June, 2004) in Electrical-Electronic Engineering from Istanbul University, Master’s (June, 2007) and Ph.D. degrees (June, 2013) from Yildiz Technical University in Electronics. From September 2013 to March 2016, he worked at Netaş as a Innovation specialist. Then he joined the 5G research group in ITU in May 2016. Also since November 2016, he started to work at Vestel Electronics as security architect. His research interests include image-signal processing, cellular neural networks, 3D-image processing, IoT, IoT security, IoT solution design. He is also currently serving on various government agency and security cluster such as Siberkümelenme, ISTEC

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Sponsor: Informatics Institute
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Dr. Lütfiye DURAK ATA
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