Oca 2018
"Parameterized Burrows Wheeler Transformation" semineri Yar. Doç. Dr. Sharma V. Thankachan tarafından 3 Ocak Çarşamba günü 410 no'lu odada sunulacaktır.

Konuşmacı: Assist. Prof. Sharma V. Thankachan
Department of Computer Science,University of Central Florida, USA
Gün: 3 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba
Saat: 14:00
Yer: Informatics Institute, Room 410

The fields of succinct data structures and compressed text indexing have seen quite a bit of progress over the last two decades. An important achievement, primarily using techniques based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT), was obtaining the full functionality of the suffix tree in the optimal number of bits. A crucial property that allows the use of BWT for designing compressed indexes is order-preserving suffix links. Specifically, the relative order between two suffixes in the subtree of an internal node is same as that of the suffixes obtained by truncating the first character of the two suffixes. Unfortunately, in many variants of the text-indexing problem, for e.g., parameterized pattern matching, 2D pattern matching, and order-isomorphic pattern matching, this property does not hold. Consequently, the compressed indexes based on BWT do not directly apply. Furthermore, a compressed index for any of these variants has been elusive throughout the advancement of the field of succinct data structures. We achieve a positive breakthrough on one such problem, namely the Parameterized Pattern Matching problem.