Eyl 2016
Dr. Eylem Erdoğan'ın "Shedding Light on Future Wireless Communications" başlıklı sunumu

Gün: 28.09.2016 Çarşamba
Saat: 14.00
Yer: UHEM Toplantı Odası
Konuşmacı: Dr. Eylem Erdoğan
Başlık: Shedding Light on Future Wireless Communications



The aim of this talk is to shed light to the future wireless systems (5G and beyond). Specifically, innovative technologies such as cooperative systems, mmWave communications, cognitive radio networks and drone communications will be introduced and interesting research problems will be presented.

  • Cooperative Communications
  • mmWave Communications
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Drone Communications


Dr. Erdogan's Short Bio

Dr. Erdogan received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in Electronics Engineering from Işık University, Turkey in 2003 and 2006. He received Ph.D. degree in Electronics Engineering from Kadir Has University, Turkey in 2015. From May 2015 to April 2016, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher in Lakehead University, ON, Canada. From April 2016 to August 2016, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher with the University of Carleton, ON, Canada. His research interests include the modeling, design and performance analysis of wireless communication systems and networks.