May 2016
Prof. Ferdaous Chaabane'in 'SUP'COM - Research Activities' başlıklı sunumu

SUP'COM - Research Activities
Prof. Ferdaous Chaabane - SUP'COM
Tarih: 20.05.2016 Cuma
Yer: İTÜ Bilişim Enstitüsü, Kat:4, Oda:407
Saat: 9:30 - 10:30

SUP’COM has a digital technology multidisciplinary research and development centre that combines multiple expertises at the highest level.4 institutional strategic objectives are proposed by SUP’COM to achieve the potential of a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research approaches to tackle the major issues of societal challenges:

Contents: image, voice and signal
Large Networks and systems: IoT, 5G, Cloud, etc.
Digital communication

A fifth strategic objective concerning Digital Trust or Security (Cyber Security, Networks security, watermarking, etc.) is closely related to these four axis and can be implemented to increase the reliability of each disciplinary.This talk will be about possible collaborations between ITU and SUP’COM.

Ferdaous Chaabane is currently Assistant professor at the higher school of telecommunication of Tunisia. She is member of the Applied Mathematics and Signal Processing Department and she’s teaching signal and image processing, computer vision and applied mathematics. She received the Engineer degree in Telecommunications in 1999 from SUP’COM then the master and Ph.D. degree in Signal and Image Processing respectively in 2000 and 2004 from The University of Paris XI. Her doctoral studies conducted at the TSI Laboratory, Telecom ParisTech concerned Satellite Images Time Series analysis for ground deformation monitoring. She is now member of the COSIM (Communication Signal and Image processing) research laboratory and her research interests are satellite image processing, analysis and interpretation especially for multi-temporal and multi-sensors applications. She coordinated several international research projects related to the protection of the environment.She is currently in charge of International and external relations at SUP'COM and is working as a scientific advisor in computer vision at the company specializing in embedded vision EBSYS.