BER Performance of Full-Duplex Cognitive Radio Network with Nonlinear Energy Harvesting

Programme Committee Membership - Prof. Dr. M. Oğuzhan Külekci

The Diffraction by Two Half-Planes and Wedge with the Fractional Boundary Condition

Sketching Algorithms for Genomic Data Analysis and Querying in a Secure Enclave

'Optimization of CHARMM force field parameters of a prostate cancer drug enzalutamide'

'Graph Embedding For Link Prediction Using Residual Variational Graph Autoencoders' titled conference paper

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Our Rector's Message on Distance Education

2019 - 2020 Spring Semester Postgraduate Applications

The amendment to the "ITU Senate Principles Regulation" article about the courses to be taken by the Ph.D. students

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Information Meeting for the Students of Informatics Institute

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DeansMessage_v2Welcome to the Informatics Institute of Istanbul Technical University!

“Information” and “communications” are the concepts that affect and reshape our daily life more and more each and every day. Information and communication technologies are the most decisive forces of the future. Focusing on these cutting-edge areas, there are various master and doctorate programs in many different fields of informatics within our institute. We have the excitement of establishing the world of the future together with our hard-working students enrolled in our graduate programs and our competent and productive faculty members from different disciplines.

Our most important advantage is being part of a dynamic ecosystem that incorporates research, education, technology transfer, and business development opportunities provided by ITU. While developing innovative approaches that are specific to various problems, we also have the chance to implement the solutions we propose. At this point, I would like to emphasize that our graduates, carrying out successful studies at all levels of academic and business life, are our primary supporters.

Through our graduate programs aiming to contribute to the universal knowledge of information technologies, we work harder every day in accordance with our goal to produce high-impact scientific publications, conduct research projects, and file patents for products and processes that make life much more convenient. In line with our efforts to maximize our quality of education and research, our activities to increase digitalization and open access will continue in the coming period.

We welcome your feedback on all kinds of issues related to our institute and informatics.

Lütfiye Durak-Ata
Director of the Informatics Institute